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Christmas special Issue 27

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Roquefort butter and

Roquefort butter and walnuts Madame Bernadette loves to do this easy party appetiser as the tasty roquefort beurre (butter) can be made in advance. You can freeze it and it keeps in the fridge for a few weeks.

70 g of softened butter 100 g of Roquefort at room temperature 1 teaspoon of cognac (optional) Crush the Roquefort and butter with a fork, to make a paste. Then add the cognac. Smother on crackers or blinis, small pieces of bread or toast sprinkled with some crushed walnuts! Pair it with: Roquefort is a rich, strong, sheep milk cheese with a salty tangy flavor that calls for a rich wine that can stand up to it with it structure and bold flavors. Sauternes, said to be “wine of kings and king of wines” by Louis XIV is the ideal candidate: Botrytis Cinerea or “noble rot” (a fungi that develops on the grapes only in very specific conditions) acts as a sugar and flavors intensifier, and brings to life a luscious wine with honey and exotic fruits aromas, lively acidity and great structure and complexity. The intensity of this wine will stand up to the Roquefort bold character, while the savory cheese will make the fruit of the wine shine. The combination of both will make for a perfect mouthcoating experience, with the acidity of the wine inviting for another bite. The walnuts will add some crunchy texture and will be met with nutty flavors in the wine. Laurent Yung, French Wine Club in the USA

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