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1 year ago

Christmas special Issue 27

Come to France through the pages of The Good Life France Magazine... Discover: Provence, the hidden gems and most beautiful villages, French Alps, UNESCO listed Rocamadour... recipes and giveways, guides and an interview with international best-selling Kate Mosse who shares her favourite places in France...

Win a gorgeous linen

Win a gorgeous linen tablecloth see page 55 French table style A pretty table is part of French culture and tradition and in the 21st century – it’s still a strong tradition. And you can definitely be sure that the French will make a big deal about their Christmas meal. The table will be set with lots of care. Christmas dishes are carefully planned. This is a chance for keen cooks to really push the boat out and spend time preparing something special. But it’s not just about the food, it’s about presentation. The intention isn’t to show-off (well, maybe just a little…) but to please those at your table. Treating them to a beautifully presented and cooked meal is a show of love. 5 minute chat with homeware style expert Carla Van Impe of Pimlico Eu online shops of fabulous homeware with French flair Tell us how Pimlico began... My grandfather had his own furniture design business, and as child I spent every day after school watching him create furniture, I loved the design process. When I started a family and moved to Belgium, I decided to use my experience of consulting in the interiors sector and began designing my own collection of household textiles. I chose the South of France as a test market because it has a good mix of locals, people from other parts of France, tourists and expats. It was the depths of the financial crisis. In retrospect, it was the best time to start a new business because when the orders started to come in from customers across the Provence and Cote d’Azur, I knew that I was onto something. What influences your style? For me France is about timeless style and that is the same for Pimlico. Wherever you travel across France there is a commitment to refined taste, whether a grand Paris apartment, a house in the country or an outdoor terrace at a simple village bistro. That simple sense of style is my constant inspiration when I design Pimlico products.

Take a set of French doors, leading into a patio or garden: pure French elegance. They need a curtain that matches that elegance, and that’s what I’ve designed our range of voile curtains to be. Many people who have bought Pimlico products during a trip to France contact us to buy online. When they get home they find they want more… You always choose beautiful muted colours for your textiles - is this because they match with all types and colours of decoration, ornaments etc? White and muted colours are typically French when it comes to table style Yes, the mix and match element to our collection is important. Each home has a style that reflects its owner’s taste and style. Pimlico products are there to complement and enhance the features that already exist in the home, be they architectural, wall colours, or specific pieces of furniture.

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