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1 year ago

Issue No. 12

Sensational cities to tiny villages, food and wine, culture and heritage. Champagne, an aristocratic saffron grower, Anger, Montparnasse, Morzeine, Carol Drinkwater shares her passion for France. Gorgeous photos and fabulous features will transport you to the heart of France in this brilliant, free magazine...

Tufière de Rolampont

Tufière de Rolampont For something completely different and really quite sensational, Tufiere de Rolampont will fit the bill. The area is a living, thriving ecosystem which is thousands of years old, a series of terraces and pools that owes its existence to the presence of bubbling water and limestone formation. On a hot day it feels a bit like trekking through a jungle but the sight of that blue water and extraordinary rock formation is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and really quite other-wordly, ethereally beautiful. Chateauvillain - a historic town with a sense of humour History buffs will love the little town of Chateauvillain with its chateau ruins, incredibly well-preserved medieval wash house and beautiful winding streets of old houses and buildings. One of the friendliest towns I’ve ever been to – everyone says hello here!

Far left: the Villain of Chateauvillain!; right, above, below: at the extraordinary Tufière de Rolamport, crazy rock formations and incredible waterfallswith drafonlies flitting above (below)...

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