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1 year ago

Issue No. 13

A fun and festive edition: Provence, Christmas markets, brilliant book nooks in Paris, recipes, expat stories to inspire and a whole lot more - fall in love with France with us.

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Page 62 Page 55 Page 84 Page 64 62 Magical Saint-Chapelle Paris This 800 year old "Holy Chapel" is breathtakingly beautiful, especially at night with a concert. 64 Carcassonne Perfect Winter Destination Karen Slater reveals why Carcassonne makes for a great visit even when it's not hot. 66 French Caviar How a British family brought Fine French Caviar to the UK - entente cordiale! 68 Spotlight on Blaye J Christie visits the beautiful town of Blaye in Aquitaine. 70 Beginning French How an American couple lost their heads to a French house they saw and bought on the internet! 74 House-sitting in France Lamia Walker takes time out for a free holiday in the Ile de France. REGULAR 34 Enchanting Chateau Series Chateau de Brissac, the tallest castle in France; it's the most amazing B&B ever! 84 Your Photos A new regular feature showcasing the most popular photos shared on our Facebook page. 86 5 Minute French Lesson Géraldine Lepère teaches you how to make a French toast like a local. 122 My French Life Life in France is never dull!

Page 98 Page 88 88 The Good Life in Charente- Maritime We meet a family who've found a little bit of heaven in south-west France. 94 The Good Life in Haute-Vienne Meet the expat couple who've created a pop up vegetarian restaurant in their home. 98 The Good Life in Dordogne Brian Beard chats to Jackie and David Burrows, ex Liverpool footballer who now lives near Sarlat. 78 Brilliant Christmas Gifts and 16 Fabulous Give-Aways ASK THE EXPERTS 105 Marketing your rental property Donna Sloane shares her top tips. 106 Property Guide to France Tim Sage explains the buying and selling process. 108 Care for the elderly in France Jo-Ann Howell looks at state help in France for those with elderly relatives to care for. 110 Pension Advice for Expats Jennie Poate examines the options for expats with UK pensions. GASTRONOMY 114 Chocolate Macarons, Pierre Hermé of Paris shares his fabulous recipe. 118 Tartiflette Savoyarde Made with lush Reblochon cheese, by Karen Burns booth. 120 Caviar, fettucine and smoked salmon 121 Home-made Orange liqueur by Karen Burns Booth. Page 78

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