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1 year ago

Issue No. 14

From Paris to the Loire Valley, and everywhere in between, how to live like a millionaire in Nice on a budget, French island hopping, a fairy tale chateau and Monet's Garden in Giverny. Everything you want to know about France and more.

What made you fall in

What made you fall in love with this part of France? The relaxed pace of life: it can be frustrating when you are used to a 24/7 world but here businesses close at lunchtimes and on Sundays, people work to live, they don’t live to work; and I think that’s a healthier way of viewing life. The architecture is also gorgeous round here – beautiful tuffeau stone, slate rooves, turrets and wrought iron twirls – just my thing! Any top tips that you learned when searching for your house? We only visited five or six properties, in the end, and went with our instinct – this one just kept us awake at night with excitement and although we knew it wasn’t the most logical purchase, it was the one we loved.

Do you consider yourself a member of the local community? After London, Paris and Brussels I think one thing we were both a bit nervous about in moving to a village of 500 people (with just as many goats) was whether or not we would meet people and make new friends. We were lucky having a school aged child because I got involved with the Parents Association from the outset helping organise fundraising events. Even with my limited French back then it gave my first network of school mums and meant I didn’t stand alone at the school gate for long! It also gave me a forum to ask daft questions when I didn’t understand something having never experienced the French school system myself. I also found some brilliantly supportive Social Network groups for English speaking women in France through which I have had the great pleasure to meet some truly lovely people, as well as through the two local English speaking churches. My husband has developed his wine businesses, and got to know plenty of the local Vignerons. He has also been elected onto the Council which has given him a network of his own! What would you do on a day off in your area? With the children, our favourite day out is the Bioparc at Doué la Fontaine – hands down the best zoo I’ve ever seen - so much so that we buy annual passes! Without the children my husband and I really enjoy a wander round Tours or Angers – both are fantastic cities, great for shopping, great for eating out, plenty to discover among the historic buildings and galleries.

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