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1 year ago

Issue No. 15

Discover the Drome, Nyons - the last Provencal frontier, Charente-Maritime, Burgundy, Paris gastronomy, Nice, secret Provence, recipes, a whole lot more. It's the next best thing to being in France...

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ask the experts Question I am an American living half the year in France and the other half in Hawaii. It is not a bad gig. I have struggled with my bank account in France. I can access it when in France, but cannot in the states. It makes it very difficult to verify transfers, bill payments, etc. I would love to know if anyone else has had better luck. Also, a comparison of fees would be helpful and services offered. Since I couldn't access my account from the states, I had no idea my internet bill was not being paid until a guest said there was no internet connection. I would find it helpful to know which banks offer an English speaking department or one that regularly services expats. Online banking in English would be a dream come true. Is there any way Credit Agricole Britline can help non UK clients? Answer Britline Credit Agricole (English language banking for expats in France) Some banks may “switch off” the online banking facilities they provide if you are classed as a non-resident. This may not always make sense as being a non – resident is usually when you need this type of access more than ever . The bank may decide to do this for security reasons to protect your account but unfortunately this can backfire if you are due to receive electronic statements or simply want to follow your account. It is possible to find English speaking banking services and some banks provide a website in English. Often these are very limited and online banking is still not available in English. Other services available are English speaking telephone based teams, for example CA Atlantique Vendée, Anjou-Maine and Aquitaine. Sometimes English speaking advisors can be found in branches eg CA Charente Perigord. Up to now the service that provides everything under one roof from banking, insurance, mortgage and savings to a bespoke International Payments Service for currency exchange, with a team of 40 bilingual and bicultural advisors, is us at CA Britline. At CA Britline we have also developed an app ‘My Britline’ which enables you to have online banking facilities in English. If you are fiscally resident in France, the UK or Ireland, you may be eligible for a CA Britline account. However if you are a US resident we would advise you to contact a "Direct" service of CA, such as www. Website for CA Britline:

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