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1 year ago

Issue No. 17

Packed with fabulous features: Carcassonne, Nimes, Orange in Provence, Nice Carnival, Paris at Christmas, Laval in Mayenne, absinthe, the fashion district of Paris, recipes, guides and more. Our secret ingredient is passion!

My Good Life in France

My Good Life in France At the end of the year I always make a list of things I want to do next year. Almost always there is a line that reads - lose weight. The boulangeries and patisseries are just too tempting, not to mention the wine! I'm trying hard to keep to it now as in January I'll be appearing on stage at The France Show London to chat about my book and France! There's always a "get more organised" resolution. My office is what used to be a tiny pig sty and keeping everything tidy isn't easy as I have a book addiction! This year there is a new thing on my list - go to Paris! I've wanted to spend more time in Paris for a very long time. It was always my big dream. But I didn't reckon on getting animals in quite the mad way I have. It started with a kitten. When I saw a tiny bundle being attacked by a big cat I couldn't help taking him home. He's now the biggest cat in the village. He was followed by a dog no one wanted. Then a stray turned up and another. Then more unwanted dogs followed. Then chickens, ducks and geese. Suddenly (well not really is it?!) I had more than 70 animals to love and care for. I thought about taking them all to Paris with me but there are a couple of problems. The cost of course, finding somewhere for all of us to live would be tres expensive. Secondly I think we might have very angry neighbours. Ken, Kendo Nagasaki and Gregory Peck my three cockerels like to have a shouting contest in the early hours of the morning and it can go on all day. So, though my original plan was to go for 6 months, I'm now considering one month as more doable if I can persuade someone to come and care for my furry, feathery family. If I can't do it this year, then next year will be fine, sometimes dreams take a bit longer to make them come true. Whatever your plans and resolutions are for the new year, I wish you much fun, luck and success sticking to them. with love from France, Janine