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1 year ago

Issue No. 24

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Someone once said that

Someone once said that the great rocks that pepper the landscape of the pink granite coast look as if giants have been stoning their enemies. Monumental boulders, cleft from the earth and shaped by the sea are one of the most astonishing and memorable features of this divine stretch of coast in the Côtes d’Armor department, Brittany. They are everywhere from the beach to the cliff tops and even in residential gardens. Often homes are simply built around the rocks - not just because they’re very heavy and hard to move but also because they’re revered by the locals. Thousands of years of being licked by the sea, blasted by wind and rained on, have left them shaped like animals or people and many have names such as the witch, the tortoise and the corkscrew. When you see them for yourself, you can’t fail to appreciate the grandeur of these natural phenomena – and make up some names of your own. With hundreds of hamlets, seaside towns and pretty villages it’s hard to know where to go. If you have plenty of time, you can follow the GR34 coastal route which runs all the way round the shoreline of Brittany. But if you’re restricted to a few days or weeks, here are some of the most unmissable parts of the Pink Granite Coast where you’re likely to fall in love with the ever changing sky, the delicious cuisine, endless beaches, luscious countryside, hotels of charm and character ( magical forests and friendly folk…

Ploumanac’h - Perros-Guirec Perros-Guirec has some of the best rock formations on the Pink Granite Coast. You’ll find blush pink rocks, waves crashing gently, and a sleepy seaside village. From here you have a wonderful view of the Sept Iles, the seven islands, including one which looks like it has a snowy cap but is in fact inhabited by wild birds. It’s gets very popular in the summer months with pretty little restaurants and bars. Don’t miss a look at the saint on the sand after whom the Bay of St Guirec is named. He was an Irish monk who landed here in the 6th century and you’ll see that his face is damaged. It used to be a custom for Breton girls to visit him and stick a pin in his nose which was apparently to help them get a husband - eventually the poor saint lost his nose. Climb out to Ploumanac’h lighthouse for wonderful views over the sea - though if you have mobility issues it probably won’t suit as the path is rocky and uneven.

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