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1 year ago

Issue No. 24

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Tour du Belvedere

Tour du Belvedere Not far from Mulhouse zoo is a sort of mini Eiffel Tower known as the Belvedere Tower. It’s not for those who have a fear of heights but the view from the top, at 350m above sea level is outstanding. You can see as far as Colmar and the Black Forest. There’s also a great park which is perfect for a wander and a picnic. Hotel de Ville The former Town Hall in a medieval building is covered in stunning trompe l’oeil paintings, with images of justice, courage, temperance, faith and charity. The eagle eyed will spot a stone head hanging from a chain, known as the klapperstein, which weighed 12 kilos and would be hung from the necks of gossipers and scandalmongers, who would be made to wear it riding around the city backwards on a donkey! Ecomusée d’Alsace In the town of Ungersheim, just North of Mulhouse, you’ll find one of Europe’s largest outdoor heritage museums. Over 100 hectares of countryside and village, with 70 historic houses from around the region that were saved from demolition and rebuilt at this attraction, brick by brick. Visit potters, blacksmiths and wheelwrights workshops and watch demonstrations depicting medieval life in Alsace. Don’t forget to look up to admire the storks nests on the roofs. Musée de l’Impression sur Étoffe This museum is dedicated to the decorative arts, fashion, local history and industry of the textile business. There are some original machines from the early years of industrialised printing, including a Lefèvre copper roller from 1809, and a whole range of sewing machines. There’s also a display of wonderful printed fabrics including some which were produced to decorate the Hotel de Ville – a Christmas speciality of Mulhouse.

Arty Mulhouse Motoco is typical of the regeneration that’s turning this city into a major creative hub. It’s the biggest artists residence in the whole of France with 140 artists, artisans and creative companies sharing 80 rented studios in a monumental former factory of textile giant DMC. A range of arts are practiced here from multimedia to dance, performance, sculpting, painting and more. Artists come from all over Europe to work and collaborate. Though not open to the public all the time, check with the tourist office to discover Motoco’s open days or book a workshop with an artist. When a former tile factory closed in 1970, the owner handed over the building to his son to manage. Le Sechoir is in a former tile factory which is now a vibrant exhibition space and studios. It hosts more than a dozen artists and holds regular exhibitions in a huge open plan space. It’s open on weekends and free to enter and if you’re looking for something gorgeous and unique as a memento of Mulhouse to take home, you’re sure to find it here. Check at the tourist office for “open door days” when the artists will be on site to present and chat about their work. Shops Art is everywhere in Mulhouse and there are several shops which proactively support and promote the work of resident artists. La Vitrine Volante shop pops up in different parts of the city at different times (check at the tourist office for details). Le Bocal is another outlet for artists which focuses on homeware and showcases work by artists from Motoco. You can also buy works of art by Motoco’s artists at the tourist office. Le Bocal La Vitrine Volante

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