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1 year ago

Issue No. 28

This gorgeous issue is stuffed full of fabulous features from beautiful Annecy to the sunny southern Basque country and the city of Pau, the Canal du Midi and much more. There’s a fabulous photo essay of the four seasons of Provence, practical guides and recipes galore with a focus on the gastronomy of the Touraine region in the Loire Valley - from an ancient recipe for macarons to more-ish nougat cake!

© Aurelie Polvet

© Aurelie Polvet Tourist Office Broceliande and symbolizes the fusion of Arthurian legend with Celtic traditions and Christian faith. The mosaics, paintings and stained glass are all the work of a priest, Henri Gillard. The Celtic influence is symbolized by the oaks and acorns in the large stained glass window. A fairy castle All the Arthurian tours of Brocéliande finish at Comper Castle, former stronghold of the king of Brittany. Here, Merlin is reputed to have created a crystal palace for the faerie Vivian so that none could gaze upon her. It’s believed to be buried in the lake where she is said to have swum with the baby Sir Lancelot after finding him abandoned. It’s why he is called Sir Lancelot of the Lake and she is known as the Lady of the Lake. “They all come here and try not to look but they all do,” said my guide as we watched a group of schoolchildren looking down into the water. “They all look, hoping to see Merlin or catch a sight of the Lady of the Lake. They look for a long time. They are convinced they are both down there. They want to believe. It is an entrance to another world. The whole place is a dream world. It has a very otherworldly feel.” We did not see any white-footed stags ferrying souls to the eternal shores, meet any mad washerwomen, ogres or medieval maiden in white dresses. Apparitions were thin on the ground. No black knights challenged us to mortal combat. But it does feel special… For further information about guided tours of the area contact Centre L’Imaginaire Arthurien, Comper-en- Brocéliande Castle By Kevin Pilley, a freelance writer for numerous publications including The Telegraph, USA Today, Irish Times and many, many more.