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1 year ago

Issue No.26

Recipes and wine

Recipes and wine matchesCrémetsCrêmet d'Anjou – the words make some sigh with happiness. There’s even an associationdedicated to this creamy dessert. that originates from Anjou, a historical and cultural regionin the Loire Valley.The great French gourmet and food critic Curnonsky once said of crêmet d’Anjou “Angevincrêmet is a feast of the gods. There is no other whipped cream like this sparkling speciality,fragrant, creamy and light ”.There are variations of the recipe (some like to use egg whites instead of cream cheese tobring down the calorie count) which has been around since at least the 1700s. But this is atraditional recipe that takes just minutes to make and can be jazzed up with the addition ofcoffee and served with various sauces. In Anjou, people make this creamy dessert with atraditional “faiselle” a ramekin dish with holes but they’re not essential.

Ingredients for 4250g Cream cheese (fromage blanc)250ml double cream (thick/heavy cream)90g caster sugar (superfine sugar)MethodLine four small ramekins with muslin and leave some to hang over the edge of the dishes –enough to cover the whole thing.Beat the cream cheese to soften it, whisk in the cream and the sugar. Spoon in to theramekins, cover with the muslin. Leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours.Carefully remove and serve as you like with fresh fruit, (strawberries and basil are deliciouswith this dish), strawberry or berry sauce, chocolate sauce etc.A great combination is coffee crêmets with chocolate sauce! Make as above but add 4tablespoons of strong coffee when you add the sugar.Or you could add a little vanilla essence with the sugar.Yum.Wine PairingLanguedoc-Roussillon, in addition to beingthe largest wine producing region in France(for wine with geographic identity) is hometo some of the very finest dessert wines.Maury, Banyuls and Rivesaltes are all “VinsDoux Naturels” that, when aged for sometime (“Ambré” “Tuilé” or “Hors d’Age),develop enchanting aromas of torrefaction,hazelnut and coffee that do wonders whenpaired with coffee and chocolate baseddesserts.La Soulane 2017 from the Côtes duRoussillon – 50% Syrah/50% Grenache isideal with this dessert. A great alternative toMaury or Banyuls but a dry wine.Thanks to Laurent Yung, wine expert at for the great wine pairing tips.All wines featured in the recipes section are from a wine cluboffering exclusive boutique French wines in the US. Get a special introductory offer of10% on any product – just use the code TGLF2020 on the check out page

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