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1 year ago

Issue No.26

GigondasAfter a morning

GigondasAfter a morning of touring, a well-deservedlunch break is called for. I like to head southto Gigondas, a 20-minute drive past rowsand rows of vineyards and the pretty winevillages of Seguret and Sablet. If you haveever wondered what it might be like to stepinto a Renoir painting, plan your lunch breakat Les Florets, a family-owned hotel andrestaurant. Les Florets serves elegant mealson its sun-dappled patio with breath-takingviews of the rocky limestone peaks of theDentelles de Montmirail.Michelin-starred L’Oustalet in the heart ofGigondas, favored by foodies and oenophiles,has a bistro on the site of its originalrestaurant. Its higher-end gastronomicventure is in a different location in town. Thebistro’s outdoor dining area features a treeliterally growing in the center of one of thetables. Regardless of whether you are eatingindoors or out, you can expect a refinedcuisine and excellent service.The area is also rich in picturesque spots foran impromptu picnic. The large weeklymarket in Vaison is held on Tuesday morningand provides everything you might need fora tasty spread among the vines. Don’t forgetto stop in at Lou Canestou, a marvelouscheese shop whose owner, Josiane Deal, hasbeen recognized among the prestigiousMeilleurs Ouvriers de France (besttradespeople in France).Martine, who was born in France but lives inthe US, hosts the most fabulous small groupTaste of France tours in Provence (as well asItaly and Portugal). Her 30 years of hostingtravel groups through Europe and love ofcooking and culture ensure that guests onher tours experience a side of Provencerarely accessible without years of know-how,contacts and experience. From cooking inthe homes of local chefs, exclusive vineyardsvisits and exploring the most stunningvillages of Provence, these are tours of whichmemories are made. Find out more at

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