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13 months ago

Issue No.26

Bienvenue!In these

Bienvenue!In these difficult times, we're aiming to keep your France travel dreams alive and take youthere through the pages of this issue. We're also connected daily on social media and ifthere's a special place you'd like to see featured - just email or comment on Facebook,Twitter or Instagram, or drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.In this issue we chat to the lovely Kate Mosse, international best-selling author ofLabyrinth, about her favourite places in France and how they inspire her.We know many of you are missing your Provence trips and we hope you'll enjoy thisProvence special issue as we take a look at the hidden gems and most beautiful villages.Disover why the French mountains are an idea place to rejuvenate and recharge yourbatteries in the summer. And, find out what makes Puy du Fou theme park so special -there is nothing ordinary about it and it's definitely not just for children.We bring a taste of France to you through great recipes. And we've got some supergiveaways in this issue including a gorgeous set of luxury French bedding. Don't forget tosubscribe to the magazine as we have a very special Christmas issue coming up with morereally special prizes, style guides and recipes for the festive season.If you dream of moving to France, we've been working hard behind the scenes to create aseries of expert guides to regions, departments, areas and cities - find them on websiteand in this issue we showcase Pas-de-Calais and southwest France...Wishing you and yours well from my little pigsty office,