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1 year ago

Issue No.26


Stunning Saint-Remy-de-ProvenceEven if you spent two weeks in Provence,you wouldn’t run out of villages to visit. Butwhatever you do, don’t leave St-Remy-de-Provence, next to the Alpilles mountains, offyour list. It is a popular town (maybe not sosecret) however you will feel mesmerised bythe Provencal charm and character. And itdoes have a secret spot for wonderful viewsLes Alpilles, like Mont Ventoux and theLuberon Mountains, run east to west and arecharacterized by limestone up-thrustsformed about 100 million years ago. Saint-Remy-de-Provence, or as the locals say, SaintRemy, is located at the base of very long andjagged limestone deposits which, with a bitof imagination, look like dragon teeth!The town is laid out in a circle, surroundedby tall plane trees. Shady squares and streetsthat are pedestrianised make this a greatplace to relax and enjoy a glass of local wineand watch the locals going about their day.Just above the town centre is the perfectviewpoint for lovers of Van Gogh’s paintings.Many of his most well-known artworks werecreated during the time he spent in theasylum at Saint Remy. Unlike other patients,Van Gogh was allowed to venture beyondthe protective walls. Have you ever noticedthe steeple in Starry Night? Remember hisseries of olive trees and the jaggedmountains in the background? The sensoryworld of Van Gogh surrounds you in thismagical spot above Saint Remy.Join Emily and discover Provence like a localon a variety of qunique and fabulous tours:Spring tour, Lavender tour, photographic tourand more...