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1 year ago

Issue No.26

Chantille de Lincourt

Chantille de Lincourt visits thepretty town, known for inspiring thesong “Autumn Leaves”

The joie de vivre ofTourrettes-sur-loupWhy visit Tourrettes-sur-Loup?For its picturesque characterIf you love towns with bucket loads ofcharacter that are impossibly pretty, you’lllove Tourrettes-sur-Loup. A quintessentialsmall southern France medieval village. It’sjust a few kilometers from Vence.Perched on a rocky outcrop, andsurrounded by cliffs, it offers breathtakingviews over the valley. To get the best viewof the village planted on its rock, youshould visit via Le Bar-sur-Loup road.For its beautifully restored whitestone facadesTourrettes-sur-Loup is a fortified villagearranged around a 15th century castle.Houses are spread out from the centralhalf-moon shaped “Grand Rue”. You haveto get lost in its pretty narrow streets todiscover secret Tourrettes and its prettywhite stone houses. There are vaultedpassageways, stepped passages, streetsbordered by pretty flower baskets, smallsquares, and many artists' studios andrestaurants.For its sweetness of lifeTourrettes-sur-Loup exudes joie de vivre.The village has inspired many artists andlured celebrities seeking tranquility andbeauty. To stop at a café for drink, visitsmall shops, indulge at a lovely restaurant,some in shady cellars, is a true joy. The"Grand Rue", the heart of the historic

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