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1 year ago

Issue No.26

Janine Marsh bikes!Les

Janine Marsh bikes!Les Gets Bikepark has more than 128km ofmarked trails, good for all levels from kidsupwards on green, blue, red and black trailsfor those who are really really keen. That’snot me. I hired an e-bike and protectivegear, slung the bike on a chair lift to takeaway the real slog of going up the mountainand enjoyed a slow ride overlooking themost spectacular scenery. My friends on theother hand, dare devils and thrill seekers,hired top of the range bikes and cycled partof the Tour de France route, loved Les GetsBikepark including the black runs, speddownhill and went all out enduro. I met upwith them when they finished, there wasplenty for me to do including shopping, theshops here are fabulous, while they werehaving the ride of their lives.SpasThere are several spas in the town, perfectfor relaxing muscles after a day of fresh air. Iwent to the new Les Sources du Chéry. It’ssmart but friendly and has everything youneed to chill – steam room, pool, sauna,jacuzzi, salt cave and for the brave – a coldwater well! Due to Covid-19 precautions,entry to the spa resources was strictlycontrolled and it was a bit odd wearing amask in a spa but – whatever it

The quirky Museum ofMechanical MusicI didn’t expect to have a culturalintermission in the mountains I must behonest. But when I saw the signs forthe Museum of Mechanical Music Icouldn’t resist going to find out what itwas all about. What an amazingsurprise. The museum is big and it’sutterly fascinating. 800 exhibits rangingfrom organs to music boxes,automatons (I loved Accordeo Boy!)and mechanical pianos, enough tomake any music lover go (lady) gaga.There’s also an incredible Roger andGallet collection of automatons, thesort that would have been displayed inthe poshest shop windows of Paris. I’drecommend at least two hours to see itall and definitely to take a guided tourso that you can see the instruments

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