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1 year ago

Issue No.26

My favourite interactive

My favourite interactive event was theMystery of La Pelouse which takes you onboard an 18th century ship from Cape Hornto Alaska in a storm. Water flows throughthe ceiling, the floor wobbles beneath you,you can hear the sailors shouting as they tryto bail out, watch them working, seeicebergs passing the window. It’s anawesome piece of theatre, innovative andspectacular.Landing on a ledge to my right, a white owlfixed its beady eyes ahead then turned veryslowly to look into my eyes. I felt goosebumps on my arms as we connected, it reallywas quite emotional. At the end a ballet ofbirds fills the sky, 330 of them, swirling,swooping, winging their way round andround the arena. I looked at the audiencearound me, open-mouthed in surprise, eyeswide – entranced.The BirdsTaking my seat in a huge arena, I could heara few squawks and squeaks. I love birds, Ikeep chickens, ducks and geese and feed thelocal wild bird population of my village fromwoodpeckers and jays to ornamentalpigeons and pheasants.But nothing prepares you for the sight oftrained pelicans, rooks, owls and eaglesflying just inches above your head, so closeyou can feel your hair lift as they sweep by.