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1 year ago

Issue No.26

The cost of living in

The cost of living in FranceWe’re often asked how much it costs to livein France, especially when compared toother countries. You could compare it toasking how long is a piece of string becausewe all have different circumstances. But weasked finance advisor Jennie Poate atBeacon Global Wealth if she could give ussome ideas of the cost of living in France….I once met someone who claimed shecouldn’t live without her €5000 pm clothesallowance. And, I have friends who live onless than €1000 pm.Much depends on your personal spendinghabits and where you live. The cost of livingvaries enormously from region to region, cityto city, from city to village. The cost of livingin Cannes is not the same as the cost ofliving in Caen.And there are a number of other things totake into consideration. Pools cost money tomaintain, lots of land can cost money to keeptidy, oil/gas is usually more expensive thanwood heating for instance and depends onthe size of the property.And there may be a mortgage, rent andassociated taxes to pay – for instancehabitation tax.Then there’s healthcare. Costs depend on anumber of factors including age, and it’scustomary in France to pay for “top up”insurance. The French state generally coversaround 70% of the cost of most healthcarerequirements and you cover the rest with topup insurance.Everyone's situation is different but here’s anidea of some average costs for a couple.

If you go back to your country of originregularly or have a thirst for travel, thenyou’ll need to factor in costs for this - andtravel insurance too.You may need car insurance and homeinsurance.the good life that you dream of.Book a free no-obligation review with JenniePoate, Beacon Global Wealth: is no one-size fits all, costs are not setin stone and in the current Covid situation,prices are subject to change as costs forfood for instance are increasing in France asin the rest of the world. It very muchdepends on individual circumstances andrequirements for life in France.If you’re planning to live in France, it’s can bevery beneficial to have professional help asyou plan for your new life. Get a review ofyour savings and pensions to help you makethe most of your assets to help you achieveThe information on these pages based on current regulations is intended only as an introduction only andis not designed to offer solutions or advice. Beacon Global Wealth Management can accept noresponsibility whatsoever for losses incurred by acting on the information on this page.