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1 year ago

Issue No.26

Top left: Canigou

Top left: Canigou Mountain; above left - right: Petit TrainJaune; Ceret, Paulliles beach; Ille-sur-TetEven with the beaches you can choosebetween sandy bays such as at Toreilles,Canet-Plage and Spanish border. And thereare chic little towns like Collioure. PortVendres and Argelès near Perpignan. Therocky coves are great for snorkelling anddiving around Cerbère near the Spanishborder.For buyers who would love to be close tothe beach, the busy little market town ofPrades is a popular choice, with its PabloCasals chamber music festival every August.Or there’s Vinça, with its own swimming lakejust off the main road between the coast andAndorra. Most buyers' budgets range from€150,000 to €200,000 for a village housewith outside space, with prices gettingcheaper if you go further up into themountains - and for €350,000 you can find ahouse with a garden and a swimming pool,making it easy to rent out when you are notusing it.Other highlights include the beaux villages ofEus, Ville-franche-de-Conflent and Vernetles-Bains,where Rudyard Kipling took thewaters over a century ago. The evidentelements of Catalan culture are alsoappealing, from the ‘firework runs’ orcorrefocs to the human tower-building of thecastellers.This tempting blend of French/Spanishborder cultures makes life here richer anddefinitely exciting!

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