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Spring 2022

Discover Paris in the spring, Caen in Normandy and its marvellous markets plus Yvoire, a picturesque village on the edge of Lake Geneva in Haute-Savoie. Explore Saint-Omer, a historic city in the far north that's full of secrets and treasures, and Evian, where Frankenstein's monster stayed! Head with us to Metz in Lorraine to find out about its incredible past, La Couvertoirade, one of the prettiest villages in France, and the UNESCO heritage of Avignon. Guides, gorgeous photos, what's new in France, the best tours and delicious recipes from the legendary Le Nôtre bakery in Paris - and more.

The history of Evian The

The history of Evian The curative virtues of the water in Evian were first discovered in the late eighteenth century by a French aristocrat. The Marquis de Lessert, whilst out walking in the town in 1789, took a drink from a natural spring. He was much taken with it pronouncing it to be ‘easy to drink’. It started a trend and an enterprising local started to sell bottles of it. People were wowed by the water’s qualities. If it was good enough to drink, it was certainly good enough to bathe in. The first “Hydropathetic Establishment” (thermal spa) opened in 1826. Hotels, restaurants, and a casino followed, keen to cash in on the visitors who flocked to the town. What to see in Evian From the hotel it’s a downhill stroll and twenty minute uphill cardio-vascularly challenging hike back to the town of Evianles Bains. It’s a surprisingly culturally rich town with a medieval hospital and a thirteenth century church. The Belle Epoque stye is obvious with a lake front 1878-built casino and a theatre with a neo-classical façade which was built in 1885, the 1900-built Palais Lumiere, and the 1826-built Cachat Pump Room (which is being restored). The funicular railway was completed in 1907. At the Cachat Source, Sainte Catherine’s Fountain, built in 1903, the locals fill up their bottles with free, magnesium-rich, sand-bank filtered water. A French count fleeing from the French Revolution, suffering from gallstones was said to be cured by drinking the water from this source daily. It flows year round at a constant temperature of 11.6°C. Tranquil. Sans gaz. 62 | The Good Life France

Lac Leman Lac Leman (Lake Geneva in English) is the largest lake in western Europe. It gets its name from either the Greek for ‘lake’s port’ or the Celtic word ‘limos’, referring to the local fertile mud. It’s just a 30-minute ferry crossing from Evian to Lausanne from where you can easily visit the Swiss Riviera and the steep-sided UNESCO-listed Lavaux vineyards on the shores of the lake. If you do, stop for a tasting of the local Chasselas wines. The Domaine Bovard in Cully is one of the best, their Buxus Sauvignon Blanc is superb. In the 12 th century, Cistercian monks created miles of walls and terraces using French stones across the lake to support the terraces. So, there are, arguably, two French sides of Lake Geneva. The monks also planted the original vine rootstock. Lunch at Tout un Monde Restaurant in Lavaux and you’ll enjoy a view down most of the 104 mile perimeter, croissant-shaped, 25-mile long Evian Resort golf course © Hotel R Evian Resort by 11-mile wide lake which is fed by forty-two rivers. From the terrace you see Evian, the Bernese Alps, Mont Pelerin, the Savoie and Valais mountains, Montreux and Vevey. While digesting your char, féra, perch fillets and lake shrimps you can watch the yachts and swanky boats as you relish the fabulous view. Frankenstein connection Everyone sleeps well at the Hotel Royal. All except Mrs Frankenstein. She and her husband honeymooned there, before she was strangled. In Mary Shelley’s dark tale, Victor Frankenstein, the creator of the monster, agrees to create a mate for him. Destroying it before completion, the monster vows ‘I will be with you on your wedding night.’ On the day Victor married Elisabeth, the monster breaks into the bridal suite at the Hotel Royal and strangles the new bride. The Good Life France | 63