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Last Word Seasons come

Last Word Seasons come and go, and each has its own charms, but spring has a special place in my heart, especially here in the countryside of northern France where I notice the seasonal changes a bit more than when I lived in a city. My neighbours start to emerge from homes that have had shutters closed to keep out the winter gales. The bare branches of trees start to turn green, gardens fill with daffodils, then bluebells, tulips, and soon roses. Pierre the farmer’s dog Villaine, a rather rotund Labrador, patrols the streets accompanied by Madame Bernadette’s yappy Jack Russell D’Artagnan and on those spring days when the sun feels almost summery, the pair of them lay on the boules pitch on the village green, lazily watching tractors go by. And there are plenty of those! This is farming country, and most of the people here work in the agricultural industries. It’s not an easy life, nor well paid but farmers have a love and respect for the soil and the land, terroir they call it, is in the soul of those who live here. I confess, when I first arrived, I didn’t get it like I do now. I fell head over heels for a hovel of a farmhouse. And sure, the countryside is glorious. But it’s much more than that. There is a whole ecosystem in this little village, wild birds, moles, polecats, wild pigs, deer, pheasant, bees, and so much diverse wildlife alongside meadows of wildflowers, living hedges that co-exist with fields worked by farmers and pastures fall of cows and goats not to mention the people that live here. From day one after we made this little village our forever home, Jean-Claude became my mentor, teaching me how to work with the weather and the land and Claudette, his now 90-year-old mother-in-law, taught me how to cook what I grow and work with what the seasons bring. I was a city slicker then, direct from London, clueless. But living close to the land as we do here teaches you respect for what it gives as well as for community, sharing and friendship. And in spring, when we emerge, groundhog like from our homes to catch up with each other, share seeds and recipes, help the farmers if they need it – those of us who are young enough at least! – I know that I too have this place deeply embedded in my soul. As Claudette says, and she is the wisest woman in the village, spring is like nature’s birthday party – and we’re all invited. Happy spring! Janine Janine Marsh lives in France with her husband and around 60 animals. Her books My Good Life in France, My Four Seasons in France and Toujours la France are available at Amazon and all good book shops. Her new book How to be French will be published in September 2023. Buying in France? Discover how to save time & money on your currency transfers. Excellent exchange rates No transfer fees Personal account manager Multiple transfer options Regular currency updates Award winning service Email: or register for free and request your free Buying in France digital guide, or call +44-207 847 9446 and quote “Good Life France” © Currencies Direct Ltd, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AA, United Kingdom. Registered in England & Wales, No.: 03041197. Currencies Direct Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. Our FCA Firm Reference number is 900669. Our EU services are provided by Currencies Direct Spain. © Currencies Direct Spain, E.D.E., S.L., Avenida del Mediterráneo, 341, 04638 Mojácar, Almería, Spain. Registered in the Commercial Registry of Almería under the Spanish tax ID number B04897930. Currencies Direct Spain, E.D.E., S.L. is authorised by the Bank of Spain as an Electronic Money Institution under Law 21/2011 of 26 July and Royal Decree 778/2012 of 4 May. Our registration number with the Bank of Spain is 6716. Register here UK18844EN 126 | The Good Life France The Good Life France | 127