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Brimming with fabulous features combined with stunning photographs – inspiring, entertaining and informative destination features - Provence, Loire Valley, Normandy, Lyon, Brittany, Alsace and more. Delicious recipes, culture and history, what's new, the best tours and much, much more...

UK - France Set sail to

UK - France Set sail to France with DFDS • Dover - Calais or Dunkirk crossings from just £78 • Newhaven – Dieppe crossings from just £54 • Visit beautiful villages, towns and cities! • Duty Free - save up to 50% vs UK high street The spiritual side of Basilique Saint Maximin the South of France… BOOK NOW! Prices subject to specific promotional period and subject to availability. Latest prices on our website. Bookings and travel period valid until 10 December 2023. Prices correct at times of printing. France has a long and rich history with a past that is full of legends and tales, some so old and lost in the mists of time that it’s often impossible to confirm fact from fiction. One of the most enduring tales of southern France involves the story of Mary Magdalene, a disciple of Jesus who it is said took refuge in France after his death. A new tour seeks to discover more about the saint whilst also discovering the most beautiful parts of southern France… Long, long ago stories began to circulate in France and beyond that following the death of Jesus, his disciples dispersed, and some said that France became a haven for some of them. The details have been lost in time, but generally the legend is that three women named Mary, or sometimes two women named Mary, along with Martha, Lazarus and a servant named Sarah had been set adrift in an open boat from Palestine after Christ’s death. They arrived in the south of France and landed either at Marseille or Saintes-Mariesde-la-Mer. The Marys were said to be Mary Magdalene, Mary Salome and Mary Jacobi. The Divine Destination Collection tours aim to create life-changing travel adventures, combined with wellness, luxury accommodation, great food and wine, plus uncover the magic and spirituality of a destination. They run tours all over the world and in June 2023 they will head to the south of France to follow the path of Mary Magdalene’s journey. She became a muchrevered saint in France with many churches dedicated to her. The unique trip isn’t about 64 | The Good Life France The Good Life France | 65