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for its ambitious expeditionary-learning programme. That extensive experience makes him uniquely qualified to lead QBE’s sailing holidays. He and his professional team teach the student crews to do everything (instruction is primarily in English, though the team also speak French). They take most of the decisions whilst ensuring safety at all times and giving the teenagers every opportunity to tackle the responsibilities entailed in sailing 46-foot yachts. The sailing school has been going for more than 30 years, and QBE’s team have enjoyed tremendous success in teaching, coaching and mentoring. “Mixed crews work best for getting the most out of the experience,” says Will. “Every individual counts, everyone is a significant participant. If the crews don’t manage to work together, the boats do not sail well. And because we have identical boats, there is always a bit of competition and a desire to be out in front.” The boats The yachts are head-turning replicas of Alouette, a 19th-century French pilot cutter. The crew must take on board that these classic yachts require teamwork and effort to sail, and from that comes a sense of achievement. In fact, they’re the perfect boats to teach teens the skill and art of sailing – big enough to be very seaworthy but small enough for novice sailors to learn the ropes quickly. It’s fun A QBE expedition is a fantastically fun holiday: Crew members not only enjoy the thrill of coastal sailing, but they also get to observe millions of stars visible in clear night skies and discover a surprising variety of wildlife, including bottlenose dolphins, seals, and a vast number of seabirds. The boats routinely call at little-known ports that are steeped in history and regional culture. There are also visits to historic sites, museums, and cultural events. And everyone enjoys sampling the local taste sensations, including Brittany’s favourite – crêpes. This is an exceptional adventure where those who sail these extraordinary boats create memories that last a lifetime. Jessica Anderson’s son was so taken with his QBE experience that he’s coming back again this season – in both July and August! “It was more than an amazing adventure,” he enthuses, “it was a life-changing experience.” Find out more about QBE’s holidays for teenagers in June, July, and August, and also for adults (on application), at 78 | The Good Life France The Good Life France | 79