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1 year ago

Summer 2022

Discover captivating Corsica, the island of beauty and glitzy, cinematic Cannes. Explore Antibes, less well known than it's neighbours Nice and Cannes, it's incredibly pretty and authentic, and the Camargue in the south of France where wild white horses and pink flamingoes roam. Come with us to arty Arles, historic Agincourt and Aisne in Picardy - the ancient cradle of France. Meet artisan gin makers in Cognac, discover the prune route of France, fabulous recipes, guides, gorgeous photos, the best tours, what's new in France and delicious recipes - and more...

It's so nice out... Dear

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We just won the highest award at the 2022 IWSC spirits challenge, a Gold Outstanding. I’ll quote the judges here: “Bold and bright, here we have fantastic notes of black pepper spice on the nose, alongside a charming perfume of dried herbs. Fresh and crisp, yet beautifully round. An absolutely fascinating flavour profile and an exquisite example of its kind." For us it’s all about experimentation, being inspired by the things around us. Covert Fig Leaf Liqueur is a perfect example of this, it was inspired by the fig tree next door! The recipes take months of tweaking and development, and nothing leaves the Lab (living room), however many times we have to taste a product, unless Miko is 100% happy with the finished result. You can buy Pink Pepper Gin and all the liqueurs online (and find details of outlets around the world) at: Shaken and stirred… Audemus Spirits tips for making a great Gin & Tonic: Fill the glass with as much ice as you can possibly fit into it. When the ice melts it dilutes the flavours and can ruin a G&T, and the more ice you put into the glass, the slower it melts. We love a 50ml shot of Pink Pepper Gin and roughly twice the amount of premium tonic. And - experiment with garnishes – we love something herbal, a bay leaf or sprig of rosemary for example. Citrus is also good – pink grapefruit or a slice of lemon. French 75 gin cocktail French 75, also called a 75 Cocktail, or in French simply a Soixante-Quinze is a classic gin cocktail. It is named for the French 75-millimeter gun used by Allied troops, including, according to one story, Capt. Harry S. Truman. Ingredients ; 1 tablespoon sugar syrup, 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, 50ml (1oz) gin, Champagne, lemon twist (optional). Pour the lemon juice, sugar syrup and gin into a cocktail shaker then fill up with ice. Shake well then strain into a champagne flute. Top with champagne, leave to settle (as it will bubble up) then fill up with more champagne. Swirl gently and garnish with a strip of lemon zest if you like. The Good Life France | 69